Meike Aupperle

Meike Auperle

Meike is a violinmaker based in Hanover, Germany.

Her professional journey starts at the highly acclaimed Violin-Making School of Mittenwald, with Ulrich Hinsberger being her teacher and first important influence. Before opening her own workshop in 2018 and settling down, Meike gains work experience in different workshops and countries.

Always focussing clearly on the making of instruments rather than restoring them she is so fortunate to work for and learn from inspiring people, like Florian Leonhard in London and Sam Zygmuntowicz in New York. The latter being most influential to her. Working with Sam helps her to immerse deeply into the instruments’ functionality and thus developing her own personal approach: combining the respect and warmhearted admiration for the old masters with the accuracy dedicated to a new violin’s every detail. Reaching for the finest in playability, look and sound

Meike is attending regularly the violinmaking and acoustics workshop in Oberlin, organized by the VSA – a very precious way for her to develop and continue the journey with colleagues and friends from all over the world.