Specialists in the making of professional violins, violas and cellos. Restorers, experts and professional consultants.


Roca Luthiers is the professional luthier space of Luthier Vidal. A setting created by Master Luthier Xavier Vidal for professional musicians and advanced students of violin, viola and cello. Here we will offer some advice, multiple services and suggestions to help with any concerns or needs that instrumentalists may have.

After more than four decades working as a luthier, and finding himself at an important stage of his professional maturity, Xavier Vidal feels the need to use his wide experience and know-how acquired throughout his career to create this luthier project which adapts to the current needs that string musicians have.

Xavier Vidal’s luthier workshop started in 1986 committed to offer top quality luthier services. The development and evolution of Luthier Vidal, now Roca Luthiers, have always been based on the principles of professionalism, ethics, honesty, ongoing training, and the constant search for excellence.

At Roca Luthiers we share information and expertise with internationally renowned luthiers and bow makers, and we collaborate with them to offer the best services that allow musicians fulfil their potential in the best possible conditions. A project based on the passion and respect we have for the luthier craftsmanship and for the world of music.

Roca Luthiers

Instruments and bows

In the Roca Luthiers workshop, we offer a wide variety of professional instruments and bows.

Professional workshop services

The luthiers at Roca Luthiers offer a wide variety of services to help with any concerns or needs musicians may have.

Lutheria Profesional
Violines Profesionales

Contemporary luthiers and bow makers

Roca Luthiers represent exclusively in Spain a selection of luthiers and bow makers of international prestige. Thus, we stay committed to offer musicians the reference instruments and bows in contemporary luthier craftsmanship and bow making.