Cello Bows

In this section Roca Luthiers has gathered some of the professional bows for cello that Roca Luthiers has available.

Throughout his career Xavier Vidal has built professional relationships with internationally renowned bow makers, and thanks to these relationships Roca Luthiers represents some of them exclusively in Spain.

Roca Luthiers is, thus, in the position to offer top level bows for cellos made by internationally renowned bow makers. So, if you cannot find the bow you are looking for, please contact us and we will give you some options that meet your needs and expectations.

Heiko Wunderlich Cello Bow
gold horn

Laberte Cello Bow
1940 – 80,8g

Victor Bernard Cello Bow

Chadwick Cello Bow

Eric Fournier Cello Bow

Vigneron Joseph-Artur (père) Cello Bow
1900 – 80,7g

Yannick Le Canu Gold Cello Bow

Yannick Le Canu Silver Cello Bow

Emmanuel Carlier Cello Bow

Heiko Wunderlich Special Cello Bow

Cello Bows currently in stock

These are the cello bows currently available at Roca Luthiers.

> Cello Bow K. A. Uebel, ebony silver
> Cello Bow CH Wanka, ebony silver
> Cello Bow Chadwick, ebony silver, 72g
> Cello Bow Christian Wanka, ebony silver, (available February 2023) 
> Cello Bow Eric Fournier, ebony silver (available April 2023)
> Cello Bow Eric Fournier, ebony gold (available April 2023)
> Cello Bow Emmanuel Carlier, silver (available December 2023)
> Cello Bow Egidius Dörfler *** Ligne Boheme, 81,9g
> Cello Bow Steffen Kuhnla, 82,1g

> Cello Bow Heiko Wunderlich Special, ebony silver, 81,6g
> Cello Bow Heiko Wunderlich Exquisite, ebony silver, 82,7g
> Cello Bow Michael Mönnig***, silver, 80,1g
> Cello Bow Yannick Le Canu, ebony silver (on demand)
> Cello Bow Yannick Le Canu, ebony gold (on demand)
> Cello Bow Sylvain Bigot, ebony silver (on demand)
> Cello Bow Sylvain Bigot, ebony gold (on demand)
> Cello Bow Vigneron Joseph-Artur (père) 1905, ebony silver octogonal, copy nut, 80,2g
> Cello Bow Vigneron Joseph-Artur (père) 1900, ebony silver octogonal, 80,7g
> Cello Bow Victor Bernard, ebony silver