Restoration of Instruments


At Roca Luthiers we know that the acoustic result of an instrument and the guarantee for its functioning are closely related to its conservation, the quality of instrument restoration and its assembly. For all these reasons, Roca Luthiers offer top quality services.


The restoration of instruments from our point of view

The restoration and assembly of instruments require a broad knowledge about classic lutherie, lutherie schools and antique instruments. Thus, we will know exactly how to approach each and every instrument.

Furthermore, all restorations and assemblies carried out on each instrument must respect the manufacturer’s sound characteristics he or she gave the instrument. This is vital for us: to respect the instrument’s artistic and acoustic creation, so our intervention is minimum.


Restoration of instruments service

The Roca Luthiers workshop consists of a team of four highly trained luthiers with wide experience in the sector which allows to make high level restorations of instruments. We offer other lutherie services for professional musicians: after sales and maintenance services of instruments purchased by our customers; as well as assembly of all the instruments that we sell at our Luthier Vidal store.

For restoration services, at Roca Luthiers we use top quality materials to ensure optimal acoustic results, and also to allow an excellent use of the instrument long-term. What is our main objective? To obtain the best results, optimising and enhancing the quality of the instruments.

When a musician purchases an instrument at Roca Luthiers or Luthier Vidal, he or she has access to a series of restoration and maintenance services that ensure an optimal functioning of the instrument, its maintenance, and all our help and advice he or she may need in case of any given incident.

We would like to thank you and let you know that we appreciate all the trust you placed in our workshop for all the musicians, throughout these years.

In order to offer you a customized and professional service, please contact us to make an appointment.