Manufacture of instruments

The luthiers in our workshop are part of the history of a lutherie workshop with more than 40 years of experience. They are passionate about lutherie and they have a wide knowledge about antique instruments, as well as the manufacturing processes. Moreover, they are highly trained and they have broad professional experience. In this link you will find some information about our team.

Manufacture of instruments in our workshop

In our workshop, at Roca Luthiers, we manufacture violins, violas and cellos following an absolute traditional process where we use top quality materials such as selected types of wood that have been dried in a natural way for a long period of time.

We build instruments inspired in the masters of the classic lutherie, using a varnish made in our workshop.

Our experience in the restoration, tuning and assembly of instruments manufactured in our workshop, at Roca Luthiers, ensure an optimal and comfortable functioning. Also, we guarantee after sales and maintenance services of the highest quality.

Making instruments as an artistic expression

From Roca Luthiers we would like to emphasize that instruments are artisanal creations with a high artistic component, they are not merely functional objects. Luthiers use their knowledge and experience so as to provide the manufacturing process with the highest creative and artistic expression. In this way we create personal instruments which reflect the artisan’s soul, and which definitely place music in an environment of artistic creation.

Construcción de instrumentos