Professional contemporary and antique Violins

In this section you will find some examples of Professional Contemporary and Antique Violins at Roca Luthiers.

Contemporary Violins

Here is a list of selected contemporary violins, if searching for instruments of different levels with very good acoustics and sound qualities. A lutherie work of high quality. We present some instruments by means of which we can ensure a musician’s good evolution and satisfaction.

Moreover, at Roca Luthiers we work with contemporary luthiers that we represent exclusively in Spain. This way, you will always have the manufacturer luthier’s guarantee and maintenance, and that of Roca Luthiers.

Antique Violins

Our suggested list of antique violins follows top quality standards: They are well restored and well preserved. They have undergone all the necessary restoration and tuning, in order to guarantee their functioning. We also make sure the best acoustic performance, top comfortability and an easy functioning are obtained. 

Instruments with a warranty

We guarantee the origin, authenticity and value of every instrument by means of a certificate. All the instruments that Roca Luthiers includes in the suggested list have been appraised by expert luthiers that collaborate with us and they issue their corresponding certificates of valuation or authenticity.

In conclusion, the level and quality of information about the instruments to be purchased that Roca Luthiers offers the musician is always objective, sincere and complete. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Eduard Bosque Violin
Barcelona 2019

Roca Luthiers nº4 Violin
Barcelona 2021

Ismerry Bottalico Violin
Barcelona 2019


German School Baroque Violin
Early 1800s


Luigi Villa Violin
Milán 1978


Justin Derazey Strad Violin
Mirecourt 1870-1880


Louis Lowendall Violin
Berlin 1900


Ignacio Fleta violin nº73
Barcelona 1955


Roca Luthiers nº3 Violin
Barcelona 2020


Ignacio Fleta nº83 Violin
Barcelona 1960


Mateo Parera Violin
Early 1900s


Thomas Meuwissen Violin


Eduard Bosque 5 Strings Violin


Ragnar Hayn Violin
Berlin 2019


Nicolás Laberte Mirecourt School Violin,  Early 1900s


Patrix Franot Violin
Mirecourt s.XIX


Thomas Bertrand Violin
Brussels 2007


French School Violin
Late 1800


Ismerry Bottalico Violin
Barcelona 2021


Meike Auppelle Violin
Hannover 2021

Violins currently in stock

> Violin Louis Lowendall, Berlín 1900
> Violin Luigi Villa, Milán 1978
> Violin Roca Luthiers nº4, Barcelona 2021
> Violin Roca Luthiers nº5, Barcelona 2021
> Violin Ismerry Bottalico, Barcelona 2021
> Violin Patrix Franot, Mirecourt, s.XIX
> Violin Spanish School, early 1900
> Violin French School, late 1800
> Violin atelier Frebrunet, 1780
> Violin Thomas Bertrand, Brussels 2007
> Violin Eduard Sitjas , Girona 2019
> Violin Johan Joseph Held, Germany 1860
> Violin Nicolas Gilles, Montpellier 2009

> Violin Bienvenido Fleta, Barcelona 1882-1971
> Violin Ignacio Fleta nº83, Barcelona 1960
> Violin Ignacio Fleta nº73, Barcelona 1955
> Violin Meike Auperle, Hannover 2021
> Violin Thomas Meuwissen, Brussels 2007
> Violin Justin Derazey Strad, Mirecourt 1870-1880
> Violin Ragnar Hayn, Berlin 2019
> Violin Wolfram Neureither, Montpellier 2019
> Violin atelier de F. Lejeune Paris
> Violin François Fent, Paris 1830
> Violin School Carcassi, Florence 1760-1770