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The search for an instrument is a very personal matter personal because every musician has his or her own preferences, likings and needs. The instrument’s purpose is to offer the musician a means to express and communicate through music and interpretation.

This is why we have to consider two aspects that differ but at the same time complement each other:

On the one hand, the most functional and technical part of the instrument (emission, power, timbre, projection, richness and quality of harmonics, balances between strings, richness of registers, response, comfortability, etc.).

On the other hand, a more emotional aspect is also to be taken into account, connected to the final sense of music: conveying emotions, expressing feelings, communicating and interpreting.

The luthier collaborates with the musician offering his or her experience and expertise about the instruments so as to achieve the maximum fulfilment and balance between the two aspects: the technical and the emotional. These two must complement each other to find the ideal instrument for the musician.

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