Violin Bows

At Roca Luthiers we suggest a selection of contemporary and antique violin bows. Our knowledge on bow making and the fact that we collaborate with some recognised international bow makers, allow us to offer some interesting and competitive options.

As we already mentioned, we worked closely together with some of the most renowned bow makers worldwide, representing some of them exclusively in Spain. Their violin bows, of limited production, are in great demand. This is why we feel lucky to offer you the privilege of trying and purchasing their bows in our workshop.

Antique violin bows

These bows are selected to offer products of the best quality. They are all shipped perfectly restored and with their corresponding certificate of authenticity issued by experts internationally authorised.

Customised search for bows

Please do not hesitate to contact us to know the availability and to obtain information about bows for violinists at Roca Luthiers. If you are looking for a very specific bow, you can contact us directly using this form.

Charles Nicolas Bazin Violin Bow
1900 – 60,9g

Victor Bernard Violin Bow

Yannick Le Canu silver Violin Bow

Arco violín Gary Leahy plata

Yannick Le Canu gold Violin Bow

Arco violín Yannick Le Canu oro


Sylvain Bigot gold Violin Bow

Arcos violín Sylvain Bigot oro


Christian Wanka Violin Bow


Ouchard Emile-François (Père) Violin Bow
1930 – 62,3g


Emmanuel Carlier Violin Bow


Hr Pfretzschner Violin Bow

E. Sartory Violin Bow
61, 5 g

Violin bows currently in stock

This list details the Violin Bows currently available at Roca Luthiers. However, if you do not see the bow you are interested in, we suggest that you contact us or fill out this form. In addition, we will be happy to help you.

> Violin Bow CH Wanka, ebony silver, 62,3g
> Violin Bow Archet D’Artiste Christian Wanka, ebony silver, 63,5g
> Violin Bow F. Solar Madrid, ebony silver octogonal, 64,1g
> Violin Bow Emmanuel Carlier, ebony silver (available march 2026)
> Violin Bow Heiko Wunderlich Special, ebony silver, 61g
> Violin Bow Andreas Uebel, ebony silver, 61g


> Violin Bow Victor Bernard, ebony silver (available in march 2028)
> Violin Bow E. Sartory a Paris, ebony silver
> Violin Bow Steffen Kuhnla, 62.2g

> Violin Bow Heiko Wunderlich Exclusiv, ebony silver

> Violun Bow Heiko Wunderlich Exquisite, ebony silver